Viking South America Cruise: Barbados

Yesterday was spent in one of the southernmost islands in the Caribbean – Barbados. Famous for rum, pirates, and maybe where Alexander Hamilton might have actually come from. We spent the morning on a beautiful beach that looked like something out of one of those Corona beer ads.

Then we got to go on an actual submarine, which took us down to 150 feet below the surface to check out the scenery. VERY cool. And this was not one of those Disneyland “subs”. This was a real deal 50 person sub and we were down there for almost 45 minutes. Pretty cool experience.

2 cool side notes on the submarine experience:

1.) I was down there during the Bills game so I got to miss that disaster. Bubble has burst, I’m afraid. Congrats, Fred and Danno on your Eagles’ win.

2.) As we disembarked the sub the speaker system played Yellow Submarine, which brought back awful memories (you’ll have to ask Yuriy or Frederik G about that : )

Onward to S. America. French Guiana, and the notorious Devil’s Island prison made famous by Steve MacQueen and Dustin Hoffman in the famous 1973 movie, Papillon (remade with Rami Malek and Charlie Hannan in 2017) on Tuesday. Hmmm…

Bridgetown, the capital of Barbados

Not a yellow submarine, yet a submarine in any event (and no Yuriy or Freddy singing)

Much rather be looking out a small window 150′ under the water than watching the bills!

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