Viking Cruise: Southbound

As we head further south, the weather sure is changing. It’s still nice, but the temps have gone from 90’s when we started, to the 80’s last week and now it is in the 70’s (don’t get jealous, folks in Erie 🙂 It will continue to get cooler as we get closer to Antarctica. Should be interesting.

Tonight we tried to go to a mysterious party on-board. Mysterious because all we knew about it was from the paper invitation that was slipped under our door yesterday saying “Outcast Party”.

Curious, we went down to find out what this was all about, only to find that our invitation was given to us in error and it was a party for the 30 or so smokers on-board. Once they found out we were not smokers, we got politely dis-invited.

So that means that we are even considered outcasts by the outcasts on the ship.

Makes sense 😀

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