Viking Cruise: Sailing the South Atlantic

We’re at sea for a couple of days, heading towards the Falkland Islands. We are about 42 degrees south of the equator (which is about the same exact distance that Erie, Pa is north of the equator!).  So in the same sort of temperate zone, only opposite—it’s coming into summer here. I think the next part of this trip will be kind of like going to Alaska in the summer. We will be going around Cape Horn, which is the southernmost land on the planet (other than Antarctica, which I really don’t think is land, but is more frozen water—I’m not sure).

Anyway, we’re a long way from home.

From the larger perspective, you can see from this world map how far south we are as we head towards the Falklands and around the tip of South America.

We’ve seen a bunch of albatrosses so far. Pretty amazing animals. Some of them have wingspans of up to 11 feet. They can live for 80 years. And they spend most of their lives at sea, flying thousands of miles. They have been following the ship for a couple of days now. Very graceful flyers. Riding the wind, so to speak.

Weather down here can be rough. In fact, they have already canceled a stop in Argentina at Puerto de Madryn because of a big storm. So instead we are heading due south straight to Ft. Stanley in the Falkland Islands (The Malvinas to the Argentine’s).

Most of you probably won’t remember, but in 1982 Britain and Argentina fought an actual war over this land called The Falklands War.  England won.

However, just a few years later, at the Azteca Stadium in Mexico City at the 1986 World Cup, Argentina got their revenge, when led by legend Diego Maradona and his infamous “Hand of God” goal, Argentina beat the Brits at “their own game”.

Check it out (for those of you who know Argentina futbol as Lionel Messi 🙂

(And for you soccer fans, the other goal Maradona scored that game was one of the greatest runs/goals of all time. Check it out:


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