Viking Cruise: Rio de Janeiro Arrival

Got to Rio last night. Gonna go sightseeing today, but here are some pics:

Coming into the harbor, this is an old Portuguese port from the 1500’s that was used to protect the city from pirates and from French Huguenots, who tried to claim the land as well.

Part of downtown (El Centro) from the sea.

This is the sidewalk along the famous Copacabana beach. LOTS of nightlife. Restaurants, music, people selling stuff. Lots of soccer games on the beach. And (since futbol/soccer is SUCH a passion here) even saw kids playing Volleyball, with no hands. Try that sometime 🙂

One of the many grand hotels along the beach. This is the Copacabana Palace. We tried a real live Brazilian steak house for dinner (Churascarria) but, to be honest, the ones we’ve gone to at home, like Texas de Brazil and Foco de Chao, were just as good.

Today we’ll get a full 8 hour tour of the city, including the famous Christ the Redeemer statue. Will report back tomorrow!

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