Viking Cruise: Montevideo

Uruguay is kind of an odd little country. Only 3.5 million people—half of whom live in the capital, Montevideo. Second smallest country in South America, sandwiched between Brazil and Argentina, the 2 largest.

Mostly a Spanish and Italian heritage. Famous for soccer (they won the World Cup in 1930), Carnival (think a month long Mardi Gras), barbecue (YUM!), the tango (claimed also by Argentina) and their national drink called Mate (Tastes just like bitter tea to me).

But we had a nice walk around the city.

And had a great lunch at a giant building called something like “Palacio de Meat” (which for those of you who don’t speak Spanish (Yuriy) 🙂 I think means—Meat Palace.

PS—Jenny, Hard 8’s got nothin’ on Uruguay!

This is the famous Chivito sandwich. Steak and ham and cheese. Delicioso!

One of the taller buildings by the main square.

One of the Carnival characters (uh..the one on the right, duh!)

Onward to Buenos Aires!

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