Viking Cruise: Goodbye Sun and Warmth

Yesterday we bid goodbye to the mainland and the sun and warmth for a while. It’s been a great trip so far, but now probably the most interesting (at least different) part as we head south to the Falkland Islands, and then around the southern tip of South America.

We spent a lovely day at the beach in Montevideo. As you can see, very pretty beaches. It’s summer here in South America remember 🙂

Even though this looks like an ocean, it’s really the mouth of the Plata River emptying out into the Atlantic Ocean, and it’s 100 miles wide. Crazy.

I know I have a pissed off look in this picture, but there’s good reason:

There are a lot of rough looking “bad hombres” around here like this one, so you always have to be ready for anything.

Falklands next.

We should see whales, dolphins, and albatrosses on the way. Will let you know!


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