Viking Cruise: French Guiana – Devil’s Island

Question: how do you actually visit Europe on a South American cruise?

By stopping here today; French Guiana. Pretty interesting place. Part of France, even though it’s in South America. Plus, 99% of the country is covered by rain forests. Wow! (Trivia – The capital, Cayenne, is where cayenne peppers come from)

This penal colony (Devil’s Island) was made famous in the 1974 film, Papillon, based on the book by Henri (Papillon) Charriere, one of the few men to ever escape. In the 1800’s and early 1900’s over 70,000 prisoners were sent here from France. Only 15% of them survived the completion of their sentence due to the brutal conditions, the incredibly hot tropical climate and their treatment. (And the guillotine of course 😀) Yikes!

This is the barracks:

These are the capuchin monkeys that live on the island:

This is me feeding the monkeys (even though the signs all say “Don’t feed the monkeys” (but it’s in French)

And this is me AFTER feeding the monkeys:

Stupid French Penal Colony Overlords ☚ī¸ WTF!

Onward! (Once they let me out 😀)

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