Viking Cruise Day 1: San Juan, Puerto Rico

All, great day in San Juan. Cool, historic city.

They have a big fort here. This is what the Spanish soldiers used to wear. I imagine it was tough moving around in these. And HOT!

And they fired cannonballs like this at approaching ships.

Here is the team charged with defending the city today from foreign invaders. (I sure hope nobody attacks them πŸ˜€)

On to Barbados!!

5 thoughts on “Viking Cruise Day 1: San Juan, Puerto Rico

  1. Hi Jim, I am sure must be fun. We went on Norwegian Cruise last year and it was totally informal and very friendly to the extent they one day served special India Breakfast for four of us, 2 friends.

    The Wifi was too expensive so one used it judiciously and was not on for 24 hrs. This gave us some time for ourselves.

    Hope you are enjoying the same.

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