Viking Cruise: Cruising the South Atlantic

Just cruising the Atlantic off the coast of Brazil today. We arrive to Rio de Janiero tonight. Looking forward to that.

Funny, as you travel the ocean, it just struck me that we do it at the speed of bicycling. Basically in calm seas with no headwind, you generally travel about 20 mph, a speed you can do, and maintain for a while on a bike. When seas are rough, or you have winds in your face, you go down to 12 or 14 mph. I bike a lot, and weird to think that is the same speed of this whole trip 🙂

But last night we hit our first rough waters on this trip (more to come, I am sure, when we get to Cape Horn, the southernmost land on earth) but the ship really reels/rock and roll. 8-10 foot waves. Hard to walk. It was even hard to sleep with all the waves crashing loudly against the side of the ship. That noise makes it sound worse than it is, I think.

Hallie was sure it was going to tip over (it wasn’t – not even close) but “proved” it to me this morning by showing me that her hat fell off the night stand last night while we slept.


4 thoughts on “Viking Cruise: Cruising the South Atlantic

  1. Maybe stay off the ship’s track while the ship’s tossing and turning this time!
    BTW Keith said you didn’t fall off the ship, but it was a good story. If that’s the case, you should write a book!!
    Seriously, you guys enjoy this amazing adventure and i truly thank you for taking us along with you through your blog.

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