Viking Cruise: Buenos Aires -Delta Islands

Yesterday we had a very unique opportunity thanks to our good friend Matias Marquez and his brother Marion.

First we drove an hour outside of the city of Buenos Aires. Then we hopped onto a river bus. This is literally a boat that stops at dozens of small docks along the river delta islands where it backs up and 2 or 3 people either jump on or jump off. And, as you can see, it is how they get their groceries and supplies etc. 

After about 45 minutes we got off and then hiked a half a mile to a friend of Marion’s place where we got to kayak and canoe through the small river channels, grabbed a beer and lunch at a quaint little restaurant, canoed back to the place, walked back to the dock and then took a water TAXI (MUCH faster than a water bus) back to the mainland, where we grabbed (another) great lunch and drove back to the ship.

Now, two things of note:

1.  Unfortunately (for you) this is one of those places/experiences that you really cannot describe and actually need to see for yourself. The remoteness of this place. Their simple way of life. The slow, quiet pace. The lush greenery. The life by-water-only (no roads or sidewalks) is hard to “get” unless you can see it. Sorry.

2. We left on this journey at 8am when Matias picked us up at the port, and had to be back at the ship by 5pm. Matias had to race to get us back on time (worst case, we are late and then have to catch up with the ship at the next port—Montevideo, Uruguay—which we could do if we had to, so not a real big deal. But it was a race through traffic and a lot of red lights and construction zones to try and make it.

And true to the spirit of Argentina and of logistics, Matias got us back at 5:05 (a LITTLE late, but still in time to make it onboard) BUT he also found the time on the drive for a quick detour and stop at Freda’s Gelato for some Dulce de Leche ice cream and banana split. Well worth the delay and the possibility of having to catch the ship at the next port.  Well done, Mati!

Onward!  (With a too-full belly 😀).

And gracias to Mati and Marion for a most unforgettable day and experience.

3 thoughts on “Viking Cruise: Buenos Aires -Delta Islands

  1. Ice cream always worth stopping for! Happy to see you wearing a life vest…
    Our picture is raking leaves, your pictures look a lot better!

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