Viking Cruise: Buenos Aires Day 1

Buenos Aires is a VERY cool city. Very modern and vibrant—European looking. Reminds me of Toronto.

It is the birthplace of Jorge Mario Bergoglio, better knows as Pope Francis, who (believe it or not) of was a bouncer at a nightclub here before entering the seminary.

It has more bookstores per person than any city in the world.

It is where Eva Peron was worshiped by millions (thus the stage play, Evita and the movie starring Madonna).

It is very Spanish and Italian. 2 million immigrants came from both Italy and Spain after both world wars (it is a big country, without many people, so they were happy to get folks to come and live here). Were not as many big native communities as there was further north.  And not many people of color, due to it’s geography and history. Seems like it was too far south (cold south) for the slave trade to reach here. It has the 3rd largest Jewish community in the hemisphere. (The US, Canada, then Argentina). Half a million Jews. Plus a kosher McDonald’s.

You can find houses of worship of all kinds here. VERY tolerant. And who can guess what is the #1 religion? It was brought here by the British over a century ago…

Answer: Futbol (soccer). And this is their main Cathedral.

Home of Diego Maradona of yesteryear, and of Lionel Messi today.

Their “White House” is a Pink House. And, we are told it is pink because to help waterproof the limestone it was constructed with, they used pig’s blood. Thus the reddish tint.

Surprisingly to me, their #1 export is not beef or wine (though they are famous for that). Their #1 is soybeans. Mostly to China.

Going to see a Tango performance tonight!

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