South American Viking Cruise: Day 1

Hallie and I are about to embark on a cruise around the continent of South America. We are here in San Juan, Puerto Rico where we boarded the Viking Sun. We have been on Viking cruises before and they are great (though most of you probably are not ready for them yet – they are mostly for older folks. No kids allowed, no casinos, no big parties – perfect for me πŸ˜€.) The ship does have WiFi so I can work remotely and stay connected. I think the Vikings actually invented WiFi; it used to be called ViFi πŸ™‚

For me, this is a chance to be out of the office and gain some “perspective”; also to work on the end of the year stuff I always do – looking forward, thinking about possible plans (PLANS??) for next year. Other than not being in Erie, nothing much will change. I’ll still be bugging everyone with my many “what’s up” emails (better than my “WTF?” emails though, I guess πŸ˜€.)

Here is a picture of the San Juan harbor I took on the way to the gym at 5am today. Off to a good start.


14 thoughts on “South American Viking Cruise: Day 1

  1. Bon Voyage, am own my own trip…if I double my pain pills. All going good, surgery is a reminder of what a wuss I am;

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