In Kansas City for the AFC Championship Game

Hi from Kansas City.  Arrived last night with an old buddy from High School, Mike Aronson. We hooked up in KC for a few drinks with Ralph and Jeanna and a bunch of their extended family. Funny, more Bills fans around than KC fans, it seems.

The gang. Bills fans are EVERYWHERE!

Jeanna and Lauren

We were debating last night how many Bills fans will be in the stadium here. I’m guessing maybe 10% (2,000 vs 20,000 KC fans) but some of the folks think that KC fans might have sold their tickets (EXPENSIVE tickets) and there will be a higher percentage of Bills fans. I hope I’m wrong and that they are right.

Mikey and I tried to get some KC barbecue last night so went to Jack Stacks, but it was an hour and 45-minute wait so we just went next door to some German restaurant. It was really good. Had some real Hungarian goulash.

We’ll be sitting at the game today on the 25-yard line with Lauren and her husband, Leo. These are our seats.

Funny, Mikey and Leo are both from NYC (me too, actually) and are really Giants fans, but for today they are Bills fans and will be wearing Buffalo blue.  Should be easy to spot us on TV, as we’ll be the Blue Wall amidst the KC Red Sea.

Big game from Josh and we can win this!


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