Hi from Dubai

This is an indoor ski slope in one of the malls here in Dubai (Dubai is in the desert!). Crazy wealthy (and ostentatious) city that is a creation of the vision of some folks here who were able to see a dusty fishing village and to imagine a bustling city of 2 million with beautiful buildings, including the tallest in the world…for now at least. 🙂

They are also building the largest Ferris Wheel based on the London Eye that will serve meals while you circle around and view the city and the waterfront. (How about one of these on the GAF bayfront site, Joe? 😀)

We’ve had a chance to visit with our office here. Terrific people doing business throughout the Middle East and Africa, and to meet with a couple of our customers so far. One is a US-based furniture manufacturer/distributor and the other is the #1 bicycle, skateboard and snowboard importer in the region.  Nice people all, and some cool projects (like office furniture to Kabul Afghanistan for the World Bank!).Today we will visit our warehouse and meet with some other customers.
Dubai is truly an international city, with people from all over the world coming to live and work together and do business worldwide.  And LP has assembled an awesome team to do just that!

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