Fun While It Lasted

Well, all of Bills Mafia hopes and dreams came crashing down last night in Arrowhead Stadium with a big dose of Patrick Mahomes-led reality.

The Chiefs are clearly (at this point in time) a far superior team in just about every phase of the game. It was like day and night watching the two teams perform, and the Bills now know what they need to do to compete at the highest level next year and beyond. Some of the building blocks are there for sure,  and this year was definitely a big step forward, but they still have some work to do and need a few more pieces to the puzzle.  They clearly know that now, if they didn’t know it before.

That being said, this was a very cool and fun experience. Enjoyed the time with Mikey and with Ralph and Jeanna and their extended family (and the KC BBQ was as good as advertised 😊) and was nice as a Bills fan to finally have some real hope again after many, many years.


Heading into the game!

Our seats. It was a blast. No one sat. Everyone stood the entire game. Loved that!


Coin toss (The Bills lost that too)

Jim Kelly with some fans.

One thought on “Fun While It Lasted

  1. Great pics…..and love your words of wisdom about the Bills. They were really good this past season….and can certainly do it again and even better !!!

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