For My First Berlin Wall in Many Years …

2017-calendarFor my first Berlin Wall in many years (thanks, Scott and company for setting it up again) I want to give a shout out to all the folks at LP who helped make 2017 SUCH a successful year.

LP grew nearly 50% this year. Now, in the early days, that was pretty routine, as you’re basically starting from scratch. But 21 years in, that’s a lot, and it can shake, rattle and roll ya if you don’t watch out. (and most everyone is feeling the strain, running near the redline).

BUT we’ve been incredibly lucky on a few counts:

  1. Our “old” team has hung tough. New growth equals new opportunities for people to grow—“next man/woman up”.  And in typical LP style, all over the business, people have risen to the challenge, moved on to unfamiliar and demanding roles and knocked it out of the park. You know who you are (and thank you all). But it’s GREAT to see that when opportunities like this present themselves, in true LP fashion, our folks chomp at the bit for more instead of whining about the extra work, longer hours, tougher course. That spirit is what’s made us special from day 1 and I am very pleased to see it continuing 21 years on.  Makes me proud.
  2. All the new hires.  We’ve added LOTS of people this year. Many of them young, inexperienced, where this might be their first job.  And not only do we find them smart and eager and hardworking (this BS that millennials don’t work hard is just that—bullshit) but by hiring people who don’t mind getting thrown into “the deep end of the shark tank”, these young kids step up, take on the challenge, figure it out and help us succeed. I LOVE growth (as I like to say, that’s our only real “business strategy” is to GROW—because it gives those who want a new challenge the chance to step up and do it, and never get stale). And it helps keep things “alive” (I warn everyone who we hire that I can promise them that they won’t be bored—can’t guarantee that they won’t go crazy—but they sure won’t be bored 🙂).  Like my son, Derek, tells me when I complain about how busy things are— “Dad, you wouldn’t want it any other way”.
  3. And, along with all these young kids, we’ve also been lucky to attract a few experienced older dogs, who have been in the business for years, but whose big companies have been acquired by even bigger companies, and who find themselves not enjoying the stifling culture and bureaucracy in their new world, and have brought their years of knowledge, experience and network to LP so that work is still “fun and challenging” to them. They’ve been great and have quickly fit in. From Dallas to South Carolina to DC to Houston to Jersey to Europe to India to China  they help us spread LP’s wings even further around the world.  To all of them I say “welcome aboard”.

Cassie's Car Buried in Snow

Berlin’s Wall will be a way that I keep folks in touch with the goings on at LP. As with my Thought for the Day these past 21 years, some thoughts may be serious and hopefully deep, others whimsical and foolish (probably lots of those unfortunately 🙂). It will just be a view from the deck of the Starship LP as we continue ONWARD through this universe we are traversing.  This great LP Adventure.

Enjoy the ride!


PS—the recent 5’ of snow in 48 hours here in Erie/HQ city, didn’t stop us for a minute. Cassie made it in even with this.

LP Spirit = World Class Strong!

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