Finding A Way

As we continue to (inch by inch/day by day) navigate this global crisis, SO proud of how the LP team is responding worldwide—finding a way. Thank you, all.

Delivering products that keep the grocery shelves stocked.

Working onsite at customer warehouses to help them get their products out.

Delivered 17 truckloads of product to Costco dist centers to keep the supplies coming/stores full.

Helping one of our banking customers get computers to their staff so they can work remotely.

Working to procure and supply local first responders, medical and nursing facilities with much needed PPE (personal protective equipment).

Keeping our customers informed about port/airport/road/border situations worldwide on a real time basis through various dashboards our BI guys created. (And then having ops helping them figure out appropriate solutions)

Helping a brand new customer set up the huge growth in their fulfillment/ecommerce business.

Housecleaning in the offices, both literally, with daily desk scrubdowns and making sure everyone is safe-distancing and washing their hands; to fixing processes, doing overdue data entry, working on billing/collections etc.

IT guys have set up a whole bunch of useful tools and communication to make sure the folks working from home are connected and productive.

A centralized coronavirus communication page set up by Scott and Ryan that is updated and sent out to all our customer and partners:

And I’m sure there are many more.

Basically it continues to be us supporting the front line heroes and the global economy that provides for all of us and our families around the world/safely and efficiently.

One thing our customers all know for sure. We’re here for them, whether “here” is in the office or in the truck or at the warehouse or at home.

But we’re here.

A lot of others in our industry can’t say that right now. We certainly can/with pride.

Thank you all! Onward!


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