I see that NYC teachers have again refused to go back to class to teach. They say they are afraid to go back to unsafe conditions. (Of course, they say they are afraid for others/not for themselves. Uh, huh)

And I get fear. As I’ve mentioned, when this all started I happened to be reading the book about the blitzkrieg nightly bombings of London during world war 2. Imagine how horrifying that must be. And different folks reacted differently to it.

Some would go into the bunkers, while others would not even bother. But the ones who went into the bunkers would come out once the all-clear siren sounded. But, for others, that was not enough. They stayed scared to come out. (Some may never have come out?)

Isn’t it the same here?  In NYC there are virtually ZERO deaths/new cases down here for the past couple of months. Isn’t that enough of an all-clear siren?  These teachers all say/rally that they care about educating “their” kids. But, if they really believed that, wouldn’t they just face their fear and take the first steps and get back into the schools (yeah, wear masks, social distance, wash your hands, create pods).  How do they justify this when so many other schools have been open and their teachers back to work for weeks? (I’d think these parents here in NYC are seeing kids from all over the country going back to school and wondering “why not my kids?”)

Also, another, related thought: What if others (who were also afraid, I am sure—all through this deadly epidemic) stayed home?

Nurses? Doctors? Janitors? Truck drivers? Grocery store clerks? Warehouse workers?

People who DID THEIR JOB, even when scared and in WAY more danger back then than there is now. And—how dangerous is fighting these out of control forest fires? What if the tens of thousands of front line heroes fighting these west coast fires said, “Ah, it’s dangerous out there. I don’t feel safe going.”  Where would California and Oregon be? What kind of country would we be?

I don’t know. I hate to judge others. But, really, is going to school to teach kids who need it and miss it all THAT dangerous?  REALLY???

Here is the daily NYC chart of deaths from COVID-19.

Come on, folks!  Be smart. Be careful. But—

Do Your Job!  Just like so many millions of others have done through the months-long (and relatively successful) process of flattening this curve.

Just my 2 cents. Stay safe. But…


4 thoughts on “Fear

  1. Amen!!
    Was with my Granddaughter last night for dinner, she is a Junior at Collegiate Academy … currently 100% on line and claims it is not really working to well, mostly can not get on line … said she and her friends were up set and wished they could at least go back one or two days a week … said it is very difficult to sit for 7 hours a day with out one on one contact with teachers and friends … told her to list her thoughts and I would place them on file with a couple of school directors I know …

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