Blizzard of ’77


Photo via The Buffalo History Museum

Whenever we get a bad snowstorm I always tell people about the blizzard of ’77 in Buffalo (my kids always thought I exaggerated but, in this case at least, I did not have to : ). Here are some pics.

There was a lot of snow, and it was cold, but the wind was what made it incredible with drifts up to rooftops of 2 story homes. The wind kept blowing the snow off of frozen Lake Erie into the city. Eventually, they had to load snow onto freight train cars and head it south to melt. An amazing event!

I was still involved in elections for the national steelworkers union and drove around every day (despite the official driving ban) with my 6 month old daughter, Melissa, under my arm (no car seats back then) in my old Vista Cruiser, while Mom was stuck at Republic Steel in S. Buffalo (Linda was an electrician there) for a week.  To this day, I think that is what gave Melissa her fearlessness and sense of adventure (though Lyn neither agreed with that or approved of my “stupidity”).

Good memories 😀